That it is now compulsory that all dogs over the age of 8 weeks must be micro-chipped. If your dog hasn't had this done please do so as soon as possible. Its also recommended that your cat be micro-chipped as well.. It is inexpensive and quickly done at your vets.

That it is illegal to walk a dog without it being on a lead near roads, car parks and play areas, also you should always carry 'poo bags' and clean up after your dog.

Carrying animals in your car..... all dogs must be on the rear seat restrained by a harness fastened to the seat belt or in a carrier secured by a seat belt or in the boot area with a dog guard safely fitted. In the event of an accident if this is not adhered to it could invalidate your insurance and could risk a fine of upto 5000.

Many shops kindly place drinking water outside their premises for your dog. Please be aware that this water may have been there a long time with other dogs drinking from it and therefore may be contaminated with bacteria. Better to take your own bowl and fresh water.

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